Minutes April Meeting 2024

Minutes Uploaded on April 13, 2024


Minutes April 2024

1004/24 Apologies: John Bersford

1005/24 General Public Attendees:. Shelia Jones. 211 Rosliston Road, Has complaints re traffic, the zebra crossing due to the traffic volume and speed. As a Council we have been in Contact with Highways, the police, enforcement.

Act: Puffin Crossing – Highways Mr Williams CC: Syed Hussain


1006/24 Defibulator  There was a vote to fund either the cabbage patch or waterside community centre – Vote went in favour of waterside community centre (All in favour)


1007/24 Current Vacancies – Unfortunately Clr smith associates have decided they cannot give the required time to join the Parish


1008/24 Approval of Previous Mins Approved – First: Clr Legg Alison – Seconded by Clr Chester


1009/24 Update Website Councillor Bullock- Website will be online and live in the next week.


1010/24 County & Borough Councillor’s Reports (BClr Legg)

Jarrams lane, it has been confirmed that the Parish are responsible for this Land.  This is also the case for the path along Riverview.




1011/24 Ongoing Projects: a) Community Centre Bench, Having to try source new benches as the ones previously bought were not going to be durable. B) Peace Garden, No Progress on that. C) War Memorial –  brickwork price is in – just waiting on the manufacture price of materials

1012/24 Finances Clr Legg firster, Clr Mclelend seconded. Passed by all

M Bullock Kitchen parts labour £540
Costco Accessories Kitchen £38.38
Clerk Parish Wages £1103.30
Clerk Milage parish and CC 90M@.45 £40.50
Clerk WCC Wages £1705.20
Netwise Website £1438.80


1013/24 Any Other Business:  Litter increase in the area and fly tipping, this seems to be on the increase.

ACT: Clerk to write to Enforcement ESBC –  re Trent and Dove owned land – Write to  Nadeem


1014/24 Exclusion of Press & Public – None


1015/24 Private & Confidential – None


Meeting Closed 18:55pm



Date of Next Meeting 07th May, 6pm