Our frequently asked questions are listed below, and how the parish can help…


What can the parish council do about potholes and the state of our roads in Stapenhill ?

Roads and pathways are all operated by The Highways dept of Staffordshire county council, we constantly pressure our local councillor to prioritise our roads, but the same as any member of our county, the parish cannot do anymore than complain using the link below :



What can the parish council do about illegally parked cars, or nuisance parking etc ?

This problem can be very frustrating, please don’t get involved with the owners of the vehicle, first contact the parking enforcement officers at Staffordshire county council : 



Where can we find how to get an allotment plot ?

On our home page there is a link under DIRECTORY  to the allotment association on Rosliston road with the contact details.


I have complaint about street lighting or want to find out why our street does not work properly







Click this link to East staffs Borough council site.   https://www.eaststaffsbc.gov.uk

Click on this link to Staffordshire county council site.   https://www.staffordshire.gov.uk