Minutes December Meeting 2023

Minutes Uploaded on April 13, 2024



Minutes December

943/23 Apologies:  John Beresford Barbra McClellend

944/23 General Public Attendees: None

955/23 Approval of Previous Mins All in Favour

956/23 Neighbourhood Plan: Removal leisure status of 300 Rosliston Road (Rear of Post office) Discussion re previous vote to remove this land from the plan – Reaffirmation that this should removed –  Vote all councillors still in favour of this being removed.

957/23 County & Borough Councillor’s Reports

Borough Councillor’s Report Alison Legg – Waterside community Centre have received a grant for the warm space and youth club.

Mayor Hussain has been asked again about the road resurfacing for Heath Road – Waterside Road – This will be happening.

No Trent and Dove Meeting this month.

958/23 Finances

David Briggs Parish Wages 997
Khoo Systems Website £45.00
Dave Briggs Wages Community Centre 1198.80
AO (CC) Dishwasher 790.83
AO (CC) Oven – Hob 1498.
D Briggs Petrol £30.00

All Approved.

959/23 Any Other Business:  Peace Garden – Maintenance has been arranged as a group for spring.

1st Project to start next year will be Cumberland Road

Project for the tram stop – Princess trust

Christmas Fair at the centre –

960/23 Exclusion of Press & Public None

961/23 Private & Confidential None


Date of Next Meeting 9th Jan 6pm