Minutes February Meeting 2024

Minutes Uploaded on April 13, 2024



973/24 Apologies: John Beresford

974/24 Vote Vice Chair (Long Term Replacement) Cllr Legg nominate Cllr Smith as Vice Chair as a long term appointment – All in favour vote carried

975/24 General Public Attendees: Trent and Dove, Allan Ball has provided the contract to be signed for the adoption on the land of Cumberland Road – Finance needs to be revisited for the project. Proposal to revisit at the next meeting.

The Café Bistro, Introduction from Damien, who is extremely interested in helping the community and supporting the Parish

Bryon Avenue Residents have had issues with cars being sold/dumped on the pavement. The cars have no Tax or MOTS – Car reported to enforcement and taken away.

976/24 Update on Precept from Clerk

977/24 Current Vacancies – Proposal of New Councillors and Process – Clerk Write to ex Councillor Rebecca Brady letter needs to go to the chair on resignation. Councillor vacancies 3 all councillors to look for new applicants. Mark Baxter is interested proposed by Mark Bullock.

978/24 Approval of Previous Mins Clr Mark Bullock Proposed seconded by CLR Chester

979/24 Update Purchase of speed awareness Sign Rosliston Road (Clr MB) Planning rejected for advertising – full planning needs to be applied for – Highways need to be consulted and an agent appointed for the planning application.

980/24 County & Borough Councillor’s Reports (BClr Legg) Neighbourhood Plan: Removal of the plot of land from the Neighbourhood od plan marked as green space, Mr Simkins Land All Councillors in favour.

Drakelow Bridge Looking to be completed before the end of 2024

Potholes Still ongoing and

981/24 Proposal of Hygiene Bank Project and Request for Funding (Clr Smith and Legg) Please see project form – Project accepted and approved by all- Motion Carried

982/24 Ongoing Projects: a) Community Centre Benches Ongoing

  1. B) Peace Garden, Bench needs touching up, all beds to be cleared and start again with planting out. Paul steed has agreed to pay 50% of the plants cost Vote: wait for costing at the next meeting before approving
  2. C) War Memorial Stone by Cenotaph (Or Peace Garden) Vote: Position at Peace Garden – Motion Carried all in favour

983/24 Marketing – Facebook news articles for weekly posts

984/24 Web Site Review Project Cllr bullock to review.  Close and Put Under development up.

985/24 Finances All in Favour

David Briggs Parish Wages £764.40
Edwards Electrical WCC Kitchen Electrics £1405.84
Swad Carpets WCC Kitchen Floor £1600
Khoo Systems WCC Website Management 46.50
Dave Briggs WCC Wages £1675.80

986/24 Any Other Business:  Jerram’s Lane,  Waterside walkway land registry search and report back to the councillors

987/24 Exclusion of Press & Public None

988/24 Private & Confidential – None

Date of Next Meeting 12th March 6pm