Minutes March Meeting 2024

Minutes Uploaded on April 13, 2024


Minutes March

989/24 Apologies: None All councillors in attendance


990/24 Allotment Society Report from Sub Committee: Tim Mewis, Shop Manager, Michael Glass 2015 lease was taken over by the Parish £500 this lease was previously, Hedge Cutting by Ross road, can the parish take this over. Parish Council could close the pavement for hedge cutting October end of June. Access to the site is currently dangerous 90 meters (Highways) Civil Engineer – Request. Speak to Mr Simkins.

Clerk: to find a Civil Engineer for the allotment society

Proposal By Sub Committee: No rent for one year, but allotment society carry out all maintenance, Allotment Society to provide on allotment. Proposed by Sub Committee

C Smith  – All In favour – Motion Carried. NB to be reviewed Annually


991/24 General Public Attendees: Mr Jones number 12 Byram avenue, 124 is derelict, in disrepair, this building has been reported to enforcement.

992/24 Neighbourhood Plan Neighbourhood plan to go to the town planner in April with Mr Malkin.

993/24 Current Vacancies – Proposal of New Councillors Roles of Councillor, Chair and Clerk.          Possibility of two new members

994/24 Approval of Previous Mins Cllr Chester Proposed all in favour

995/24 Update Website Councillor Bullock, Proposal to replace the website, Proposed by Bourgh Cllr Legg – All in favour

996/24 County & Borough Councillor’s Reports (Bourgh Cllr Legg) No County Report – County Report – Council Tax Release this Week – Potholes are still on going. Fly tipping needs to be reported and reported items set to be cleared next week


997/24 Ongoing Projects: a) Community Centre Benches, Clr Bullock to install concreate pads B) Peace Garden, has not progressed yet. C) War Memorial Stone by Peace Garden Plans have been drawn up and needs to be measured and costs to be presented D) Cumberland Road

998/24 Use of Parish Laptops – Training March the 26th at the community Centre 11am

999/24 Banking – C Smith and D Briggs to be added to the Parish Account – Need to Attend Derby Branch Proposed Mick Bott – All in Favour.

1000/24 Finances All Proved

Clr Bullock Leaflets £101.38
Rainbow waste Skip CC Kitchen £331.36
Clerk Parish Wages £867.30
Staunton Harrold Nurseries (DB) Parish Benches £161.98
Currys (DB) Cllr Bulock MS 365 £79.99
Clerk Milage parish and CC 90M@.45 £40.50
Khoo Systems WCC Website Management £46.50
Clerk WCC Wages £1705.20

1001/24 Any Other Business: Official Opening – Local chef from Bistro to open the Community Centre Kitchen in April.  Stretton priory Centre –

1002/24 Exclusion of Press & Public None

1003/24 Private & Confidential None



Date of Next Meeting 09th April 6pm