Minutes July Meeting 2023

Minutes Uploaded on April 13, 2024

Minutes for July.

891/23 Apologies:  Becky Brady, Jon Beresford,

892/23 General Public Attendees: Julie: Clerk Action. Write to the Highways department re ferry street – re signage and foliage. Completed – hedge trimmed back road signs visible

893/23 McMillan Coffee Morning September Proposed by Alison 30th of September

All in favour

894/23 Community Centre Update/ Jumble Sale/ Summer Funday – the events are happening on the 30th for the jumble sale and the fun day will be 26th of August.

Funding Request for Trent and Dove Fun Day All Councillors  voted No.

Violate Way PTA request for funding Via the PTA Voted as a no by all councillors.

896/23 Highways Petition 104 signatures to date – ends on the 18th of this month.

Parish looking at the purchase of two vans to block to the road Rosliston road. Proposed By Mark Bullock all Councillors in favour.


897/23 County & Borough Councillor’s Reports  – Re assurance from Mayor Hussain that Rosliston road, Heath road and Cumberland Road to be tidied and weeded

NB.Parish to purchase  – ( strimmer, hoes, spades, wheel barrows Ect to help with the roads).

Chocolate advent Calendars event for November do the council want to be involved?

Match Funding request – Added to agenda. HMO’s Michael Glass has contacted us about untidy grass on Saxon Street and Rossliston Road Essex Road has had a tree reported as an obstruction.

Community Centre – No Update re Fridge and Freezer or oven.

Burton Albion Staff request for the events they run at the community centre on a Thursday and Friday

Update on the zebra crossing for pelican crossing

898/23 Parish Projects – a) Cumberland Road. Joy went with Chris to the TD residents meeting – Arron Stringer discussed and want to update on the project.

  1. B) Project to paint the old bandstand – Joy Chester to speak to the collage to see if they will do it, Heritage colours Greens – Proposed by Mick Bott – All Councillors in favour


899/23 Finances

David Briggs Parish Wages £554.
David Briggs Community Centre Wages £879.75
Khoo Systems Website £46.50


900/23 Any Other Business:  – Project Group meeting on the 24th July 7pm

901/23 Exclusion of Press & Public

901/23 Private & Confidential