Minutes November Meeting 2023

Minutes Uploaded on April 13, 2024


Minutes of Meeting November the 14th 2023

The Chair would like to thank all of the Councillors for their effort’s memorial on Sunday

932/23 Apologies:  Janet Bently –

933/23 General Public Attendees: None

934/23 Approval of Previous Mins, All Vote in favour for acceptance of the minutes.

935/23 Precept Increase (to incorporate 5hrs per day for the clerk due to volume of work at cc)

Councillor Legg is in favour of doubling the precept – Councillor Bullock was in favour of the precept being doubled.  Councillor Bullock has raised the issue of the cost of cutting Stapenhill park as we are paying more than other areas for smaller areas. (Clerk to Action letter to Michael Hovers)

Precept Vote – All Councillors voted to increase the precept.

936/23 Peace Garden – Maintenance Councillor Legg and Smith have offered to do the weeding to get it ready for winter, the idea has been suggested for getting a part time gardener.

937/23 County & Borough Councillor’s Reports: Councillor Legg repair to Fredrick street has been completed via a grant.

McMillan event at the Community Centre went well £92 pounds raised.

938/23 Parish Projects – Cumberland Road (Re allocation of funds) – Make an Appointment for Councillor Chester to meet with Trent and Dove.

Councillor Bullock to provide us with a quote for the Concrete Pads to be put in place.

939/23 Finances

David Briggs Parish Wages £581.24
Khoo Systems Website £46.50
Poppy Shop Poppy £40.00
Microsoft Licence Office 365 10 users £160
Dave Briggs P Cost of Living Back Pay £520
Dave Briggs CC Cost of living Back Pay £769.55

Approved by all

940/23 Any Other Business:  Councillor McClelland has raised the issue of the Lorry’s again on Rosliston Road.  Councillors also raised the issue of Harthorne Crescent, Parking on the bend and causing.

Clerk to contact the County Council  re Rutlin Close and Dev0n Close need a Salt Box

941/23 Exclusion of Press & Public: None

942/23 Private & Confidential: None

Meeting closed at 19:06



Date of Next Meeting 14th December 6pm