Minutes October Meeting 2023

Minutes Uploaded on April 13, 2024


Minutes of Meeting


To move business forward it was decided that meeting would go ahead and even though we are not quorate

918/23 Apologies:  Mark Bullock Barbra Mcellend, Joy Chester Becky Brady, Mick Bott

919/23 General Public Attendees:

920/23 Approval of Previous Mins: Proposed By Chris Smith All in Favour

921/23 Repair to Patio Doors – As a parish we have previously helped this lady before Councillor Legg has approached McMillan for funding

922/23 Repair to the Ceiling on Fredrick Street – Councillor Legg found a grant for this so the action can be removed

923/23 Ian Gibson, Stuard Godfrey Bench Family have requested Peace Garden bench. All councillors in favour of the Dove Bench, Clerk to source bench and order. Ian Gibson to be Sourced and ordered.

924/23 Project Form: Ongoing

925/23 County & Borough Councillor’s Reports

Councillor Legg – Outline of what has happened. ACT: Clerk to email Syed Hussain to enquire as to why sycamore road has been re-surfaced , but the following Cumberland Waterside Rosliston road and Main street have not been done and traffic calming measure are beyond repair. DE15 9RF business centre Harthorne crescent have reported an issue with parking ACT: Clerk to speak to enforcement

The Community Church has asked for funding via Tesco’s to help clear up Stapenhill –

Community centre Tidy Up on heath road ACT: Clerk to purchase Hoes for clearing

RSPCA and Cats Protection are reporting animals are being underfed due to the economic crisis food – Alison Legg prosed a Petfood Drive – box to be placed in reception of the community centre

926/23 Parish Projects – Cumberland Road Update Clerk to send one last email to Trent and Dove solicitor or we have to remove funding.



927/23 Finances

David Briggs Parish Wages £581.24
Khoo Systems Website £46.50
Dave Briggs Community Centre Wage £871.86
HCI Data Web Hosting £102


928/23 Any Other Business:  Tesco Blue Disk appeal – The council has decided to continue providing a warm space and providing warm food on a Monday and a Wednesday – All councillors were in favour of this being the request.

Friday the 20th for McMillan leaflet drop

929/23 Exclusion of Press & Public – None

930/23 Private & Confidential – None

931/23 Date of Next Meeting 14th November 6pm


Meeting closed at 6:47